Protesting Property Taxes is a No-Brainer

Double Digit Increases

Property tax bills are beginning to show up in mailboxes. Once again residents are discovering double-digit increases in the amount they owe. What many of them don’t realize is, with just a little effort, this burden can often be significantly reduced.

The Texas Property Taxpayer Bill of Rights guarantees the right to protest your tax property tax bill, as well as the right to appeal an initial decision made by the taxing authority’s review board.

Additionally, homeowners also have the right to request the detailed information that was used to determine their home appraisal value. This fine print is where many of the money-saving opportunities hide in plain sight.

County appraisers are tasked with estimating the value of hundreds of homes. Oftentimes, they make broad assumptions that may or may not be applicable to your home. A little research can go a long way in determining a fair amount to pay in property taxes. 

Statistics show that those who file a property tax appear are likely to see at least some tax relief. Despite this, only about one out of every seven property owners goes through the process. While pursuing a property tax protest may seem like a headache, it is nothing compared to the increased cost incurred by standing pat.