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More Than Meets The Eye

Watch the news video below to learn what Sentry Real Estate Advisors' President, Stephen A. White uncovered about his own property and what he's doing about it.

Stephen's Investigation

Blowing the lid off unfair property taxes

As a lifelong resident of Dallas and the Park Cities I was dreading property taxes as much as all of my neighbors.

The facts are clear, home prices in Dallas and our communities have skyrocketed. The medium home price in Highland Park is now around $1.6 million, a 33% increase from 2012 when the median was $1.2 million.

Using the current tax rate, a resident with a home near the medium would pay almost $10,000 more in property taxes than they did four years ago due to the higher appraised value. University Park has seen a similar increase, with the medium home value rising from $1 million to $1.4.

So I protested and what I found out was shocking. Dallas County Appraisal District, (DCAD) has arbitrarily added additional "viewing fees", "creek access", and other hidden fees. It was like I was opening my phone or cable bill. I foolishly believed all properties are equal - wrong!

Bid not Bill

Your Property Tax Bill is Really a Bid

In a few weeks, property tax bills will begin showing up in the mail. If current trends are any indication, homeowners can once again expect double-digit percentage increases in the assessed value of their property, with little regard to the state of the home itself.

One of the biggest mistakes a homeowner can make is to accept the government’s figure as is.

Protesting Property Taxes is a No-Brainer

Double Digit Increases

Property tax bills are beginning to show up in mailboxes. Once again residents are discovering double-digit increases in the amount they owe. What many of them don’t realize is, with just a little effort, this burden can often be significantly reduced.